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Why Is My Air Conditioner Making A Noise?

Hearing strange noises when your air conditioner is working? There's probably something wrong with your system. If you don’t fix it, it could lead to major—and expensive—issues eventually. We're going to help you find out what’s occurring with your air conditioner and what you can do to fix it.

8 Common Air Conditioning Noises

Gurgling - Gurgling generally indicates a complication with your refrigerant line. If you can't pinpoint where the noise is coming from, that's alright. A professional can help find out where this noise is occurring.

Crackling - Crackling could come from debris in the unit or aging ductwork. Debris in the outdoor unit will create a noise outside your house. Mature ductwork can create noise inside your house.

Hissing - Hissing can be created by a damanged refrigerant line, an internal valve leak or the compressor.

Buzzing - Buzzing is no doubt an electrical issue.

Clicking - Clicking can mean you have a loose part or that the fan is misaligned.

Pulsating - Pulsating can come from a loose part.

Loud Noise - A loud noise from your outdoor unit can indicate an issue with your compressor, damper, fan or air handler.

Humming - Humming can arise from fan motor issues or a damaged relay switch.

Should I keep running my AC when it’s making a noise?

There are some cases where you can continue to run your AC, but you do so at your own risk. It's hard to answer this question without examining your system.

Usually, we recommend turning the unit off and bringing in a professional.

When should I do something about the noise?

We recommend calling a professional as soon as you think there's something wrong with your system. While AC repairs can be stressful and an unexpected cost, it's smart to get problems corrected right away. Calling a professional could help lower future expenses and keep your system running longer.

Call us today if you hear your air conditioner making any of these noises. 928-451-1234

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